Life Without a Pancreas Five Years Post TP/AIT

May 19, 2016 Today is a special day for me. A day worth celebrating. 5 years ago today I spent 14 hours on the operating table while one of the best surgical transplant teams performed the complex, life-saving surgery and transplant called TP/AIT. My entire pancreas and spleen were removed along with part of my […]

Thoughts About Illness, Death & Living: Reality of Time and Our Moments

Oct. 23, 2013 I believe facing chronic illness forces me to face many thoughts about life. As a child I had less worries and lived in the moments. I used to have moments where I would tell myself, “Wow, I would like to remember this moment forever.” And I would take a picture in my […]

This Too Shall Pass

Aug. 9, 2013 I am feeling full of emotions lately. I sometimes have a hard time reaching out and asking for help. I have found that the times I tend to worry are when I don’t know why something is happening or when I have to meet or see a new doctor. I have learned […]

The Little Moments

May 29, 2013 Sometimes the best moments are when I forget. Forget about being sick. Forget about the worries in my life…because in those moments…I am creating some of the most beautiful memories. Today I focused on simple joys. Spent the past few days planning a garden and looking forward to planting some blueberry bushes […]

Happiness…Even with Chronic Illness

May 16, 2013 I may not be perfect but I still know how to enjoy life and make the most of it. Below are a few pictures of some special times over the past year. Even with my illness…I have been truly blessed. For awhile now I have been a little hard on myself as […]

Thankful for this day…

Feb. 3, 2013 living happy means being grateful for each day and seeing how good we have it…even when times are hard. there are times to cry…but there is ALWAYS time to smile. never give up on hope my friends.  – Julie B.

For you…

Jan. 28, 2013 sending thoughts out today to all the patients and families suffering with any form of pancreatitis, SOD, cancer, recovery or illness. remember you are not alone. and there are many people who love you and who hope to see you get through this. let there be peace in your heart, hope resting […]

The Road We Walk

Jan. 27, 2013 And a thought for today…never judge a person…because we may never know what roads they may have walked. I like to tell myself everyone is dealing with their own battles…and there are many others who have it worse than me. People see me and at times they point out that I’m thin […]

Life is…

Jan. 18, 2013 life is good! it’s nice to rid your life of negative energy and focusing on making happy memories. hold tight to your true friends and loved ones because they are the ones who will fight for you and love you to the end. never let anyone bring you down because of their […]

A New Year – Hello 2013

Jan. 8, 2013 Last week was amazing! I got to visit with friends and family for the New Year. My energy level gets wiped out pretty fast. So I made sure to rest when needed. But since I got home (for the last 3 days) I’ve been in bed and sleeping non-stop. I’m dehydrated and […]