Life Without a Pancreas Five Years Post TP/AIT

May 19, 2016 Today is a special day for me. A day worth celebrating. 5 years ago today I spent 14 hours on the operating table while one of the best surgical transplant teams performed the complex, life-saving surgery and transplant called TP/AIT. My entire pancreas and spleen were removed along with part of my […]

Bone Loss and Low Vitamin D

July 1, 2015 Been having bone pain and low energy lately. I am just not able to do much most days. So I had a DXA bone density scan done (recommended to be done every other year for post TP/AIT patients). I found out I have mild-moderate osteopenia in my hips and lower spine. This […]

A Hard Month in February: Recap of Spesis and Recovery

Recap from Facebook Posts from February 2015 Written on Feb. 4, 2015 Been having a rough few weeks. Many of my conditions are in a flare up. In and out of paralysis with my arms and legs. Abdominal pain and nausea have been a bit rough today. Low sugars from not being able to eat. […]

Reflection of Moments

Nov. 22, 2014 Moments reflecting. The days lately have been filled with reminders of how important love and compassion truly are. Family and friends grieving for a loved one, a family member taken to surgery, a husband worrying and caring for a sick wife, a survivor back in the ICU unable to eat and breathe, a […]

Food: How I Miss You, How I Wish I Could Have You Every Day. Struggles of a Broken Stomach: Gastroparesis.

Aug. 1, 2014 August is the national awareness month for Gastroparesis. Gastroparesis from a patient’s point-of-view: I struggle with a condition called gastroparesis which causes the stomach to have an inability to empty properly, which can make eating and even drinking fluids limited most days and even impossible on bad days. I believe this condition is much more devastating, […]

A Pain in my Shoulder!

July 16-July 8, 2014 Shoulder pain and weakness! Ugh! Life with a connective tissue disorder – EDS! I threw my shoulder out. And then another pop. Thought it would get better on its own because sometimes I can pop my shoulder back in place. But it just got worse. Finally went to chiro for adjustment. […]

Turning Pages

March 3-April 27, 2014 My truth shared: I have been dealing with chronic pain for some time now – for many months. I have felt some guilt because I still have pain after trying everything suggested by my doctors. I feel like because I have had all the surgeries, doctors may see me as the […]

Thoughts About Illness, Death & Living: Reality of Time and Our Moments

Oct. 23, 2013 I believe facing chronic illness forces me to face many thoughts about life. As a child I had less worries and lived in the moments. I used to have moments where I would tell myself, “Wow, I would like to remember this moment forever.” And I would take a picture in my […]

This Too Shall Pass

Aug. 9, 2013 I am feeling full of emotions lately. I sometimes have a hard time reaching out and asking for help. I have found that the times I tend to worry are when I don’t know why something is happening or when I have to meet or see a new doctor. I have learned […]

Happiness…Even with Chronic Illness

May 16, 2013 I may not be perfect but I still know how to enjoy life and make the most of it. Below are a few pictures of some special times over the past year. Even with my illness…I have been truly blessed. For awhile now I have been a little hard on myself as […]