Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week 2013

Sept. 15-21, 2013 It is Mito Awareness Week 2013! For those fighting the battle and those we have lost! Let’s Raise Awareness and Find a Cure! In loving memory of my nephew, Eric Thomas Clement! We will always love you. Forever you will be in our hearts, sweet boy!

Mito Results and Power Port Placed

Feb. 7, 2013 Yay!!! My mito labs came back normal! Best news I’ve gotten in a long time. I’ve been told there is still a chance of having the disease and can be seen in a muscle biopsy…but I’m not ready to go down that road yet. As for now…I am happy, happy. I got […]

Mitochondrial Disease and Memories of My Nephew

Jan. 29, 2013 This post is well over due and it has been too hard to write until now…it saddens me to say my amazing nephew, Eric – who was 5 years old – passed away a few months ago (Nov. 26, 2012) from mitochondrial disease (Mito)…a horrible disease that can cause any organ to […]

Mitochondrial Disease Awareness

Sept. 17, 2012 If having problems involving three or more organ systems, one should look into getting tested for Mitochondrial Disease. It is Mito Awareness Week – Sept. 16-22, 2012! I have a family member who was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease at a young age. He is almost six years old and has had a […]