A Hard Month in February: Recap of Spesis and Recovery

Recap from Facebook Posts from February 2015 Written on Feb. 4, 2015 Been having a rough few weeks. Many of my conditions are in a flare up. In and out of paralysis with my arms and legs. Abdominal pain and nausea have been a bit rough today. Low sugars from not being able to eat. […]

A New Normal. Amazing How One Learns to Adjust.

Sept. 15, 2014 Finally! A new normal. I have been learning to cope and adjust to being on TPN and being hooked up to a tube and needle in my chest every night now. I was very worried in the beginning as I started my life on TPN. The protein and fats part of the […]

TPN and Adjustments

Aug. 27, 2014 The last few weeks I have felt like a zombie. Sleeping hours on end, too sick to move or feel like myself, low blood sugars and severe nausea. Hubby sometimes having a hard time waking me. Covered in hives under my port dressing from adhesive allergy. Has not been easy for me […]

Update – A Decline

Aug. 13, 2014 Sadly, I have hit a decline in my health. Have been very tired and weak the past few weeks. Dealing with starvation pain and muscle wasting in my legs. Very low energy levels. Low food/liquid intake, been vomiting and dehydrated. Saw dr yesterday and he said I am clearly very ill and […]

Food: How I Miss You, How I Wish I Could Have You Every Day. Struggles of a Broken Stomach: Gastroparesis.

Aug. 1, 2014 August is the national awareness month for Gastroparesis. Gastroparesis from a patient’s point-of-view: I struggle with a condition called gastroparesis which causes the stomach to have an inability to empty properly, which can make eating and even drinking fluids limited most days and even impossible on bad days. I believe this condition is much more devastating, […]

A Pain in my Shoulder!

July 16-July 8, 2014 Shoulder pain and weakness! Ugh! Life with a connective tissue disorder – EDS! I threw my shoulder out. And then another pop. Thought it would get better on its own because sometimes I can pop my shoulder back in place. But it just got worse. Finally went to chiro for adjustment. […]

Hello Again. It Has Been Awhile.

Feb. 9, 2014 Wow! It sure has been awhile…almost four months since I last updated. I guess I needed to take a little break from everything. But here I am, hello again everyone. I will try to do my best to update more often. Please forgive me if I am unable (or not well enough) […]

Good Thoughts, Smiles, Family and Friends

April 11, 2013 I feel like I have been a bit busy lately. I’ve been trying to balance rest, doctor visits and the most important thing…life and living. I’m sorry I haven’t been online much lately. I had to take a break. But I did want to give a quick update. I’ve been getting weekly […]

My Power Port

Feb. 28, 2013 Well, I’m about 3 weeks out from getting my Power Port. I’ve been to the ER twice for dehydration since having it and they were too afraid to use it yet. But I was able to get it flushed last week and the blood return was good and the nurse said that […]

Mito Results and Power Port Placed

Feb. 7, 2013 Yay!!! My mito labs came back normal! Best news I’ve gotten in a long time. I’ve been told there is still a chance of having the disease and can be seen in a muscle biopsy…but I’m not ready to go down that road yet. As for now…I am happy, happy. I got […]