Just Part of the New Normal

Dec. 9, 2014

I wrote this back in Dec.: Amazing how I have been adjusting to such a new normal. One day I can feel overtaken by sickness and pain, and then come tomorrow I have already let go of how hard the day had been. On to the new.

Only two weeks ago I was lethargic and stricken with an infection and fever of 102.4. My fever lasted three days before I broke down and went into the ER upon the request of my home health nurse and doctor. I have become beyond stubborn about going to the ER. My husband shares my feelings of the ER. And I know, I know…my health should come above my fears of being treated poorly. And I should follow my own advice I give others. Not having a spleen and fever over 101 means treatment is needed. Plus being on TPN, fever should always be looked at because risk of sepsis. My home nurse saw me limp and unable to stay awake when I had whatever it was. She was truly worried about me at that time. For me, I was worried, but it was another fever, another infection, and another hump to try to leap over. (By the way, my fever is gone and I am doing much better now since doing my round of antibiotics.) It was actually pretty scary how sick I actually got. I was in tears and in pain the whole time I was at the ER…when I finally ended up going. But I have noticed, infections and never ending of “who knows” what is next with my health keeps happening.

Like right now, I am dealing with abdominal swelling and nausea and I am just too weak to get up and do anything. My head has been making me feel dizzy and my blood pressure has been low. My pain is a bit high today and I am just not feeling so great. But come tomorrow, I will have forgotten about today and I will be ready for whatever the new day will hold for me. Each day is a new day.

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