Just Another Appointment, Just Another Attack

April 28, 2014

Had a doctor appointment this morning. And I thought I was doing ok, but I started to feel funny and a bit weak as I finished talking with the doctor. I checked my blood sugars and they were pretty low and I could tell that my potassium was as well. My doctor only left the room for two minutes, and came back in to give me my new script. And he came in to see me shaky, pale and not able to move very well. I was fine one second and sick the next! Happens so fast. He was like, “Here is your…. Whaaaaaaaaaaaooooo…. What’s going on? You do NOT look good!?! What can I do to help?” I told him what was going on and I would be ok soon, as I had to shove a ton of snacks and potassium down my throat to get stable. His nurse even stayed with me until I said I was doing better. Then I crashed again while “trying” to walk back to the waiting area where my dad was waiting for me. Nothing like having everyone looking at me with big, worried eyes and mouths open wide. Yes folks, my body is shutting down right in front of you, so sorry to make a scene, but nothing I can’t handle. Took my heart medication to help control my fast heart rate and more potassium. Wow, five potassium pills within only 2 hours. What a start to the day. My dad got me a wheelchair and on we went. At least my doctor got to see my attack first hand. Not sure the patients knew that today they would get a free show, but they did! Ha! Now all that craziness is passed…hopefully NO more attacks for awhile please! Ok, body? OK? At least I am feeling better now. Drama, drama, drama…just another day living with chronic health problems.

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